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      An international team that included BRU Theme Lead Professor Stuart Biddle from Loughborough University has written the first ever UK-wide physical activity guidelines.  The guidelines include specific recommendations for the under-fives and over-65s as well as advice on reducing time spent in sedentary behaviours.


      Expert working groups were set up to agree on evidence-based recommendations on physical activity and sedentary behaviours for the four distinct age groups; the early years, children and young people, adults and older adults.
      The working groups’ draft recommendations plus additional recommendations from experts and academics from across the UK and those responsible for delivering the physical activity agenda were all brought together. In addition, a national web-based consultation was set up to capture further input from all interested parties, from sectors including sports, education, transport, health and local government.


      Results from the consultation and consensus meeting were analysed at Loughborough University and the expert groups revised recommendations before a first technical report was produced and additional reports were written for sedentary behaviour and the early years.


      The final step was the formation of an expert writing group to produce Start Active, Stay Active – a UK-wide document presenting guidelines on the volume, duration, frequency and type of physical activity required across the life course to achieve general health benefits, aimed at health professionals and published in July 2011.



      Further information about these documents can be found here and Start Active, Stay Active can be downloaded below.





        Start Active, Stay Active

        A report on physical activity for health from the four home countries’ Chief Medical Officers.

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