Joseph Henson - PhD Student

      Research Interests:


      • The effects of sedentary behaviour, physical activity and exercise on markers of healt


      Research Projects:


      • ACUTE Study: Does breaking sedentary time improve glucose regulation in women with impaired glucose tolerance? A Balanced Incomplete Block Design Study


      Current Teaching Activities:


      • Effective Diabetes Education Now! (EDEN)- Physical activity, sedentary behaviour and obesity


      Contact Details:


      NIHR Leicester-Loughborough Diet, Lifestyle and Physical Activity BRU, Leicester Diabetes Centre (Origin),

      Leicester General Hospital
      Gwendolen Road

      Leicester LE5 4PW, UK


      Tel: +44 116 258 8599






      1. Henson J, Yates T, Edwardson CL, Khunti K, Talbot D, Gray LJ, et al. Sedentary time and markers of chronic low-grade inflammation in a high risk population. PLoS One 2013 Oct 29;8(10):e78350.
      2. Henson J, Yates T, Biddle SJ, Edwardson CL, Khunti K, Wilmot EG, et al. Associations of objectively measured sedentary behaviour and physical activity with markers of cardiometabolic health. Diabetologia 2013 Mar 1.

      3. Yates T, Henson J, Khunti K, Morris DH, Edwardson C, Brady E, et al. Effect of physical activity measurement type on the association between walking activity and glucose regulation in a high-risk population recruited from primary care. Int J Epidemiol 2013 Apr;42(2):533-540.

      4. Wilmot EG, Edwardson CL, Biddle SJ, Gorely T, Henson J, Khunti K, et al. Prevalence of diabetes and impaired glucose metabolism in younger 'at risk' UK adults: insights from the STAND programme of research. Diabet Med 2013 Jun;30(6):671-675

      5. Gray LJ, Khunti K, Edwardson C, Goldby S, Henson J, Morris DH, et al. Implementation of the automated Leicester Practice Risk Score in two diabetes prevention trials provides a high yield of people with abnormal glucose tolerance. Diabetologia 2012 Dec;55(12):3238-3244.

      6. Bharakhada N, Yates T, Davies MJ, Wilmot EG, Edwardson C, Henson J, et al. Association of Sitting Time and Physical Activity With CKD: A Cross-sectional Study in Family Practices. Am J Kidney Dis 2012 Jun 19.

      7. Yates T, Davies MJ, Henson J, Troughton J, Edwardson C, Gray L, et al. Walking away from type 2 diabetes: trial protocol of a cluster randomized controlled trial evaluating a structured education programme in those at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes. BMC Fam Pract 2012 May 29;13(1):46.

      8. Yates T, Khunti K, Wilmot EG, Brady E, Webb D, Srinivasan B, Henson, J, et al. Self-reported sitting time and markers of inflammation, insulin resistance, and adiposity. Am J Prev Med 2012 Jan;42(1):1-7.

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