Jessica Douglas - PhD Student

      Jessica Douglas, BSc, MSc

      PhD Student in Exercise and Appetite


      Research Interest:

      The effects of exercise on appetite, appetite regulatory hormones and energy intake in lean and obese individuals

      Research Projects:

      • The comparison of two methods of blood sample collection for determining plasma acylated ghrelin concentrations in humans
      • The effects of two consecutive days of exercise on appetite regulatory hormones, appetite perceptions and energy intake
      • Acute exercise and appetite regulating hormones in overweight and obese individuals; A meta-analysis
      • INTAKE: The acute effects of exercise on appetite regulatory hormones, appetite perceptions and ad libitum energy intake in lean vs. obese men and women



      Teaching Activities:

      • Physiology of Exercise and Health, Year 3 Undergraduate Laboratory Classes

      Contact Details:

      School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences,

      Loughborough University,

      Ashby Road,


      Leicestershire LE11 3TU


      Tel: 01509 226351



      1. Atkinson G, Douglas J, Stensel D (2014) The Meta-Analysis of Crossover Studies on Exercise and Appetite-Related Hormones. Sports Medicine. DOI 10.1007/s40279-014-0183-9
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