Bike Magic

      Today is one of those rare days when the wind has dropped, the sun has started to peak out from behind the clouds, I could feel its warmth on my ride in, so by the time I arrived at work the day had all the hallmarks of a classic very late ‘indian summer day’ – the only anomaly is that its mid-October, but hey I’m not complaining.

      Given that the last 2 mondays I have ridden in storm force gales, rain and general GRIM, today is a welcome relief and brings a karmic balance to my end of the week.

      The great thing about days like today is that is seems to restore and refocus my head, so that I arrive at work positive and looking forward to my day, it also blunts the edge of the memory of the last 2 mondays of riding in the GRIM, so its really is Bike Magic, and as any cyclist or physical activity / mental health researcher will tell you there is a very positive and strong association between physical activity and mental health, see here is your interested:


      I can’t recommend it enough, and you really don’t have to ride 100KM a day to benefit from it.

      here's the origional post link: