Balu Webb - Research Scientist

      M’Balu Webb, BSc, M Med Sci, PhD
      Research Scientist , Leicester Diabetes Centre

      Balu Webb- Research Scientist

      Research Interests:

      • Beta cell neogenesis
      • Nutritional status and diabetes
      • Novel biomarkers of insulin resistance and diabetes

      Research Projects:

      Biomarker analysis of biological samples for the following studies:

      • The SWEETHeart Study- Early detection of impaired glucose regulation post myocardial infarction.
      • The SUCCESS Study - StructUred eduCation programme to improve Cardiovascular risk in womEn with polycyStic ovary Syndrome.
      • The TRIMS Study - The Reversal Intervention for Metabolic Syndrome


      Current Teaching Activities:


      Laboratory supervision of one PhD and one intercalated BSc student


      Contact Details:


      Leicester Diabetes Centre (Broadleaf)

      Leicester General Hospital

      Gwendolen Road

      Leicester LE5 4PW, UK


      Tel: 0116 258 9831 


      Fax: 0116 258 8405





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